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Updated LOCSD Discontinuation of Residential Water Service Policy Pursuant to SB-998

The LOCSD Board of Directors approved, with approval of District Ordinance No. 2019-02, the changes to Title 2, of the District Code to be consistent with Senate Bill (SB) 998. SB-998 also known as the “Water Shutoff Protection Act” was approved by the Governor of California on September 28, 2018 (California Health and Safety Code Sections 116900, et seq.).

SB 998 requires all public water systems to have a written policy on water service discontinuation for nonpayment which must also be available in several languages. Specifically, the provisions of the bill require the adoption of a written policy. The policy would be applicable to all residential water customers which will result in expanded notification procedures prior to service shut off for nonpayment.

The Districts Utility Billing department can be contacted by phone at (805) 528-9370 to discuss options for averting termination of residential water service for nonpayment under the terms of this policy. This policy does not apply to non-residential water service.

This policy is effective on May 1, 2021. The District policy can be viewed here.

Discontinuation of Service - SpanishDiscontinuation of Service - TagalogDiscontinuation of Service - ChineseDiscontinuation of Service - KoreanDiscontinuation of Service - VietnameseDiscontinuation of Service - English


Key dates resulting from the policy changes are below:

Day 0-   Issuance of initial bill, date on bill

Day 26- Date account is delinquent

Day 27- First delinquency notice mailed (approximately)

Day 67- Second delinquency notice mailed (approximately), and impending discontinuation of service

Day 83- Final notice of termination (door hanger)

Day 85- Water service discontinuation date

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