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Water Conservation

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California Remains in a Drought

If you see a water leak please contact our office at 805-528-9370.

Water Conservation is a Way of Life for Los Osos

Water Shortage Contingency Plan Stage III Emergency

 On April 25, 2014 Governor Brown issued an Executive Order to Redouble State Drought Actions.  In this order he states, "I call on every city, every community, every Californian to conserve water in every way possible."    On July 8, 2021, Governor Newsom expanded the regional drought state of emergency to include San Luis Obispo County. Our county is in an “Extreme Drought” according to the latest drought monitoring data.

On April 2, 2015 the Los Osos CSD Board of Directors Declared a Stage III Emergency of the Districts Water Shortage Contingency Plan.  

Los Osos is currently under a building moratorium with residents becoming more and more motivated to employ stringent water conservation measures.  

Water Conservation Tips



Click the picture to go to the California Drought Monitor Page and see the stage of drought out County and State is in. 

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 Click the picture below to see the County's rain and stream monitoring gauges.

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Clcik the Logo below to go to the State's Save Our Water Campaign

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When purchasing water fixtures, look for the USEPA WaterSense Logo











Downloadable Pamphlets For Your Use:

Residential Water Use.pdfReading Your Water Meter.pdfIdentifyingAndRepairingToiletLeaks.pdf


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